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Ompapa Ompapa ... it's Oktoberfest time!
The Glockenspiel was definitely a crowd favorite!  (September 6, 2009)We started the Oktoberfest by meeting by the Glockenspiel!  Chas has decided to change his last name to Schmidt.  Wonder if next year we'll see him up here?  :-)(September 6, 2009)Our own little fraulein was in the house!  ;-)(September 6, 2009)Or is that an elf?  (September 6, 2009)Where's Maeve?  (September 6, 2009)Ta da -- here she is!  (September 6, 2009)Chas took this shot of Maeve and I at the Oktoberfest.  (September 6, 2009)This fellow was creating a HUGE sand sculpture!  (September 6, 2009)Looks like he enjoys his work, doesn't it?  (September 6, 2009)Here are some of the trees in the sand sculpture.  (September 6, 2009)These ladies saw my Great Lakes Brewery shirt and got started talking to me -- and then asked me to take their photo.  Which I was happy to do.  (September 6, 2009)I would've loved to have gone back when he was completely done and seen the finished product.  (September 6, 2009)Nothing says Oktoberfest like a big old sausage sammich!  :-)(September 6, 2009)Maeve was holding her own bottle!  Well, with a little help from the stroller ...  :-)(September 6, 2009)After some delicious food, it was off to explore the rest of the Oktoberfest.  (September 6, 2009)If I see Chas wearing some lederhosen .... I'm disowning him!  :-)(September 6, 2009)We didn't get to see the wiener dog races, although we did see some of the participants.  (September 6, 2009)It was a beautiful evening!  (September 6, 2009)Gasp!  Is that Chas pouring beer at the Fat Heads stand???  (September 6, 2009)Of course, they were the winner of the Gold Medal!  (September 6, 2009)

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