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Betsy and Jim were passing through Ohio again -- which gave us the perfect opportunity to get the gang together! Kim was able to meet Betsy for the first time. Ann, Jilly and I are always happy to get together. And had we had some special guests too: Kristy and Meg with her handsome sons, Alex and Ollie! My sister, Debby, even popped in after work. Oh, and did I mention Elvis was in the house too? :-)
We had a new addition to our smugmug get-together:  Ollie joined us for some fun -- which gave Jill some practice for when her grandson arrives!Since it was just a couple of days past our birthdays, Kristy brought a birthday cake for Kim and I!Alex and Jack .... bonding.One year old plus rigatoni equals a mess -- so Mom simply took Ollie's shirt off to keep it from becoming covered in rigatoni!Which Ollie obviously found amusing!Photographers like to shoot  .... get it .... "shoot!"  :-)We were attempting a group shot and thought we'd include Elvis in the fun.And here we go:  Betsy, Meg, Elvis -- that hunka hunka burnin' love -- Ann, Ollie, Jill, Kristy and I!Jill taught me this trick -- me taking a photo of Betsy taking a photo!And then we got Ann in the shot too!Jilly and Ollie butting heads ........... wonder who's going to win this stand-off?Cowboy Ollie and his trusty steed.Jill was rocking him to the point where we thought he might fall asleep!Kim finally got to meet Betsy!  yay!And, of course, things got silly!And you know you'll always find this group checking out the various cameras in the crowd.Jill, Meg and Ollie -- say it with me:  awwwwww, aren't they adorable?Did I mention things tended to get silly?   :-)But I liked this one better!Thanks to Betsy and Jim for taking time out of their travels to visit a while.  And many thanks to all who joined us.  It was definitely a fun time -- and we'll have to do

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