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Happy Birthday Ashley!
Maeve wouldn't miss Ashley's birthday party for anything!  (January 16, 2010)The boys were more interested in Wii.  (January 16, 2010)Looks like Maeve was into something good.  (January 16, 2010)There was a little situation with Ashley's birthday cake, so we sang Happy Birthday to her with candles lit on the cupcakes.Ashley doesn't look too sure about that whole situation!  :-)(January 16, 20There were children all over the place!  (January 16, 2010)Maeve showing the big girls how to play.  :-)(January 16, 2010)Olivia didn't know I had the camera on her ....(January 16, 2010)Well, maybe she did!  (January 16, 2010)She even made herself laugh with that face!  (January 16, 2010)Isabella playing Dad on the Wii, while Max coaches from the sidelines.   (January 16, 2010)Ava definitely found that interesting!  (January 16, 2010)Boys will be boys.  (January 16, 2010)Now I got a smile from Ava!  (January 16, 2010)Time for the birthday girl to open gifts!  (January 16, 2010)Looks like this was a funny card.  (January 16, 2010)Everyone was watching to see what Ashley got for her birthday.  (January 16, 2010)Ashley and Mom, checking out the goodies.  (January 16, 2010)I think the cards were getting smiles.  (January 16, 2010)Ashley is going to be looking very stylish!  (January 16, 2010)Ashley always loves the gifts she gets from Uncle B Dog!  (January 16, 2010)

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