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Awwww, Craig helping in the kitchen -- by making crescent rolls.  (March 1987)Craig celebrating his 8th birthday ... with friends.  (March 1987)"I've got it ..... I've got it!"  (April 1987)Sylvester always enjoyed sitting in the sink ..... don't ask me why ....   (April 1987)Larry got a Batman cake for his 36th birthday!  (April 1987)Rachel and Craig hanging out on the front stoop.  Someone obviously got hold of this photo -- either Chas .... or Craig?  (May 1987)We did a lot of this -- camping!  (June 1987)Larry coming home from a hard day driving that bus.  (May 1987)This is the view we saw every day from our house ..... you can't beat that!  (June 1987)And not only was it nice to look at, the boys would fish in it too!  (June 1987)Kevin was graduating from high school!  (June 1987)Which, of course, meant it was time for a party!  (June 1987)Uncle Paul looked pretty comfortable sitting there, smiling for the camera.  (June 1987)And here's a shot of the graduate.  (June 1987)And I managed to get this cute shot of Nicole!  (June 1987)Kevin and Dad, at Kevin's graduation party.  (June 1987)It was a warm day, so everyone tried to find a spot in the shade.  (June 1987)So, it was down to the park for us -- where they burned off some of that energy!  (June 1987)Being a Cub Scout Den Mother meant I had to try and keep those boys occupied!  (June 1987)We always took along all the necessities .... plus a few luxuries that we couldn't live without.  (July 1987)

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