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Join us in some of our family occasions, circa 1983!
Larry and I had our first date on July 3rd; he took me to meet the Crowleys on July 4th; and I took him to meet my Dad on July 5th.  We moved in together on October 1st -- and it was shortly after thaChas turned seven and we had his party at Ground Round.  Don't you LOVE his outfit?!?  :-)(December 1983)Uh oh, Craig is touching Chas' new toys!  (December 1983)There was even a clown on hand for the party!  (December 1983)Chas with the guinea pig we had as a pet ..... until we realized I was allergic to it!  (March 1983)Craigums rockin' out on his fourth birthday!  Uh, Craigie .... the microphone needs to be plugged in to something ....  :-)(March 1983)I think this was the year we got a new television for Christmas!  (December 1983)Christmas morning 1983:  Larry might as well get used to having a camera snapping away at all times, right?  At least he's still smiling!  (December 1983)Looks like the boys got a remote controlled car this year!  (December 1983)I'm sure this was staged and Chas was not really hugging his brother .... which Craig found very amusing.  (December 1983)Looks like Craig gots some neat toys for Christmas this year!  (December 1983)Looking mighty sharp Craig Alan!  (December 1983)Turn about is fair play -- as I was making something in the kitchen, I found the camera turned on me!  (December 1983)Christmas morning and Dad was already putting toys together.  (December 1983)"Some" assembly required?!?  :-)(December 1983)Our Christmas tree, circa 1983!  (December 1983)Our two handsome fellows on Christmas morning!  (December 1983)Then it was off to Mom and Adolph's for Christmas dinner!  (December 1983)Larry was in charge of carving the ham.  (December 1983)And then we headed to Dad's house to wish him a very Merry Christmas too ..... and get more toys for the boys!  (December 1983)

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