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If you live in the area and have the opportunity to check out the Ohio City Christmas Festival, I'd strongly urge you to do so. There's a great variety of vendors selling unusual, homemade items. There's a stand set up so the little ones (or big ones for that matter) can decorate cookies. Christmas trees are for sale. You can take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon through scenic Ohio City. Great Lakes is serving mulled Christmas Ale outside, as well as their usual selection of brews inside. And, of course, Santa is there to hear all of your Christmas wishes! Here are some of the photos I took during our visit to the festival on December 3, 2011. As you can see, we had a great time!
They're serving mulled Christmas Ale -- which is perfect for a nippy December day.The brewery has a table set up outside for thirsty visitors to the festival.Today happened to be a lovely winter day and so there were plenty of people out and about in Ohio City.And yes, there was usually a line waiting for the mulled ale.  Guess you just can't rush these things!  :-)Market Avenue is closed to traffic, but full of vendors set up for the Ohio City Christmas Festival.Santa was on hand for all the good little boys and girls!Back to that mulled ale.  Can you tell I was taking these photos while I was waiting in line?  :-)ahhhh, and there it is -- complete with a cinnamon stick!One more shot .... before I take my first sip.Campbell's had a stand set up selling, among other things, their delicious Dichotomy Popcorn.  It's coated in cheddar cheese and brown sugare -- and has to be tasted to believe how good it is!There was also a table set up where the little ones (and big ones, too) could decorate cookies!Santa was kept busy listening to the Christmas wishes of all the "girls and boys" visiting the festival.And we actually saw more than one Santa in the crowd!I definitely wasn't the only one taking photos today!Here's a fun popcorn created being sold by Campbell's.Great Lakes certainly had no shortage of people wanting to try the mulled ale.The fire they had going not only heated the pokers needed to make the mulled ale -- it gave off a great woodsy smell, which was perfect for an outdoor Christmas festival.It was neat to see this kale looking so healthy and vibrant.And, of course, there were loads and loads of colorful Christmas ornaments!You've gotta love a decorated disco ball!

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