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Great Lakes Brewing Company held a summer picnic for employees and their families at Hale Farm and Village. Gorgeous place to hold an event like this -- and a fun time was had by young and old alike! If anyone who attended would like to order prints, feel free to do so. The prices set are the prices I pay for prints -- and the copyright symbol and my name will not appear on any prints. That is only there for display on the internet. Thank you for inviting us and giving me the opportunity to take photos of a wonderful group of people. I, obviously, am not a professional photographer and appreciate the opportunity to photograph some of your events. It gives me the chance to work on things -- such as approaching people I don't know, working on photographing in different situations, etc. And, as a result, I've gotten to know so many of you. Definitely a wonderful group of people ..... so, again, thank you! ~~ Carole Murray (a.k.a. Chas' Mom) :-)

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