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It was a lovely day -- perfect to head out the Shamrocks & Thistles Celtic Gathering in Huron, Ohio!
We read about this festival in our newsletter for the Irish club and thought it might be fun to check out.  Lots and lots of music -- between groups playing on two stages, as well as pipes and drums pThis was the East Side Irish American Club group.  (September 20, 2009)And look who we saw at the festival?  Helen -- who had to take a turn holding our Miss Maeve.  (September 20, 2009)But .... back to the pipes and drums.  (September 20, 2009)This one ended up being my photo of the day.  (September 20, 2009)Look at this lovely family at the Shamrocks and Thistles Celtic Gathering!  (September 20, 2009)Huron is a nice little town, right on the lake -- so it was nice to take a drive out there for the festival.  (September 20, 2009)Maeve enjoying a bottle at the Huron Amphitheather.  (September 20, 2009)Salt and pepper pooches?  :-)(September 20, 2009)Maeve looks like she was enjoying the festival!  (September 20, 2009)I noticed this couple sitting by the water -- and looks like the leaves are starting to turn, doesn't it?  (September 20, 2009)Uh oh, I think Maeve wants Maimeo's attention.  :-)(September 20, 2009)We were right on the boat basin -- beautiful place for a festival!  (September 20, 2009)I hadn't sent any photos of Maeve to Meme's photo frame for a while, so I had to make up for lost time this weekend.  :-)(September 20, 2009)Awwwww, Mom and Dad bought Maeve this step-dancer doll -- which she loved!  (September 20, 2009)Maeve mugging for the camera!  (September 20, 2009)Maeve and Mom were watching the step-dancers getting ready to perform.  (September 20, 2009)Maeve and Dad at the Shamrocks and Thistles Celtic Gathering.  (September 20, 2009)The step-dancers are dancing!  (September 20, 2009)I really needed my tripod to steady the camera for these shots, but I caught a few where the hair was flying!  (September 20, 2009)

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