Cold Winter DayJack thought the cardboard that came with Maeve's toy made a really good hiding place!  (January 6, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Today was a nice winter storm .... nice only because it was on a Saturday and we didn't have to leave the house!  (January 10, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009I finally finished taking down the last of the Christmas decorations and, as you can see, Jack was a great help.  (January 10, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009We're in the deep freeze here -- although I did step outside long enough to take this shot!  (January 15, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Don't forget to feed our feathered friends when it's this cold.  (January 16, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009I'm not even leaving the house today, so you get a shot of the icicles -- from the inside looking out!  We had a low of minus 13!  (January 16, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Looks like another day to just stay inside, considering it's -6 degrees outside.  Lovely sunrise though -- even more lovely since I'm viewing it from the warmth of my home.  ;-)(January 17, 2009)© CarToday was Ashley's birthday party!  (January 17, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009To see photos from her big birthday bash, click <a href="">here</a>.And less than a month from now is Valentine's Day ..... hope all the guys out there are paying attention .....  :-)(January 17, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Daideo -- die-hard Browns fan that he is -- loves Maeve Margaret SOOOOO much, that he held this blanket up for a photo op of her watching the Steelers beat the Ravens!  (January 18, 2009)© Carolyn S.Jack was pretty relaxed himself.  (January 19, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Ta da!  Michael's creation -- with his little friend in front of the stack o' blocks.  (January 22, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009The sun was shining outside, but the icicles were still hanging around.  (January 22, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009"Grandpas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever."(January 23, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009"You fathers will understand. You have a little girl. She looks up to you. You're her oracle. You're her hero. And then the day comes when she gets her first permanent wave and goes to her first realLarry's medicine cabinet .....  (January 24, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009We had our annual meeting for the Cadillac club this morning and, as always, saw deer sitting outside of Bob and Juli's house.  (January 24, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Maeve and I, all comfy in our slippers, relaxed and watched Cops with Daideo.  It was Saturday night -- so what else would we be doing?  (January 24, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Jack thought tonight would be a good time for me to take his photo.  Nice of him to cooperate for once.  :-)(January 24, 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009