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One of our favorite places to visit is Great Lakes Brewing Company, so we thought we'd share some photos from tours we've taken of the brewery.
Great Lakes Brewing Company Brewery Ohio City Festival 2013 Mulled Christmas AleTour guide Chas, after finishing his tours for the day.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008The bar area of the brewery is so historic looking.  And besides that, the beer is delicious, and the food is good too.  Needless to say, we could sit here for hours!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. MurrIt helps to have a son working at the brewery -- because we always get a table!  ;-)(February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Couldn't resist one more shot from this angle, before we headed over to the brewery itself.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008There are red lights on this part of the brewery, to add a little pizzazz!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008These are some of the photos used as labels on the various beer Great Lakes produces.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Inside, it's a neat, old building.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008And here are those red lights again -- this time from the inside looking out!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Part of what is now Great Lakes brewery was once the Schlather Brewing Company, an operation which was built in 1878.   And part of the old Schlatler brewery remains.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. MurrThere's a room that serves as a banquet hall, and this is the bar in that room.  Quite impressive!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Now, THAT's a lot of beer!  And this is just a small portion of the tanks now being used by Great Lakes.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Another shot of the top of the some of the tanks at Great Lakes Brewery.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Back through the banquet hall, where I had to take another shot of that wonderful bar.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008And now on to the bottling department!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Each brewery has certain colors on it's kegs, so they end up back at the proper brewery once they're empty!  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008Heading out of the bottling department, where Chas has a special treat for his Dad.  (February 2008)© Carolyn S. Murray 2008The Great Lakes Brewery's old truck!  It was moved to make room for some more tanks, and sits here now for the winter.  Come summer, however, it will be out and running and going to events to promoteAnd here the truck is, in all it's glory!  I took this shot a couple of years ago, when our friends visited from Australia and Chas took them on a tour of the brewery.  (September 2005)© Carolyn S. Mu© Carolyn S. Murray 2011

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