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After Joseph Karres died, Lotte Schuster Karres married Adolf Hoffman.  This is a nice studio portrait of them with Trudy.Adolph Hoffman -- the teen years.Adolf and Lotte Hoffman with Trudy and I'm sure one of the boys is Hardy, but I'm not certain which.Here's another photo of Charlotte (Lotte) Radel Schuster.Charlotte (Lotte) Radel Schuster (1875 - 1967).Lotte with son Adolph.Charlotte (Lotte) Weinhold Karres Hoffman Guenther, with third husband, Ferdinand Guenther.This may be Joseph Karres (1885 - 1930) holding daughter Trudy (1923 - 2007) and standing next to wife Charlotte (Lotte) Schuster.  The other couple may be Elisabeth Schuster Loew (1900 - 1981)and herAdolph is the little boy in the middle?This is Trudy Karres Brand.Adolf Hoffman (1882 - 1932) and wife Charlotte (Lotte) Schuster Karres (1898 - 1979).Here's another photo of Adolf and Lotte Hoffman.The adults in this photo are probably Lotte and Adolf Hoffman and Elisabeth and Karl Loew.  Trudy is the little girl on the ladder and Hardy is ???This may be Charlotte (Lotte) Schuster with her first husband, Joseph Karres, and their daughter Trudy.This photo looks as if were taken on the same day as the previous ones, with the entire group together.  Some of the people in the shot I can identify; others I cannot.This looks like it may be Lotte Schuster Karres Hoffman Guenther on the right in the dark dress, with perhaps Hardy and Trudy?Here's another photo of Adolph Hoffman as a young child.This is Adolf Hoffman with sister-in-law Elisabeth Schuster Loew and ??.  (We're going to need help identifying the young lady in this photo.)From left to right:  Adolf Hoffman, stepdaughter Trudy Karres, wife Lotte, sister-in-law Elisabeth Loew and ???

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