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We were well overdue to a smugger / photographer get-together, so Ann invited us all out to her house. And, as usual, a fun time was had by all!
Buddy was entertaining us all with his antics -- especially when he kept trying to get a muskrat out of these holes.We were all thrilled when Ann invited us out to their house for a Smugmugger / Photographer get-together -- especially once we saw what a lovely place she and Bob have!Candid shot of three of the hubbys:  Larry, Jim and Bob.Jilly had me trying to get water from this pump .....We certainly enjoyed relaxing by Ann and Bob's lake!The ladies relaxing in the yard, while the guys were hanging out on the deck.Buddy gave me a nice little pose.I could have spent hours just taking photos of the flowers and birds in Ann's yard.Luckily Jim had his fishing gear, because there were certainly lots of fish in that lake!My attempt at making the ripples in the lake look interesting.   :-)We were worried that he was going to disappear entirely into that hole!Buddy was back after that muskrat -- or maybe it was a chipmunk.....Even Bob's peas were lovely to look at.Fisherman Jim hard at work.Buddy wanted to check out the fish too!Can you tell were we having a fun time this evening?Love the way Kristy posed us all for this shot!Jill was lucky enough to use Ann's  yard as a location for an engagement shoot.Easy to see why -- it's a lovely spot!We spotted this bird on a post -- and yes, it was a robin.  He was pretty far away and we didn't get a good look at him, before he flew away.

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