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Craigie made a very fierce looking pirate for Halloween this year!  (October 1985)And yes, this was Chas' Halloween costume this year.  He didn't normally go around looking like this, although he probably would have liked to!  :-)  (October 1985)Our Punk Rocker and Pirate -- Halloween 1985!Fall Foliage Tour (November 1985)Fall Foliage Tour (November 1985)Fall Foliage Tour (November 1985)Chas' 9th Birthday PartyChas' 9th Birthday PartyCraig doing his Vanna White impersonation at his school open house.  (November 1985)Craig's Open House .... and it's not good when Dad is sitting right behind you!  lol!Kevin and Michele celebrating their birthdays!  (November 1985)Christmas 1985Christmas 1985The boys got bunkbeds for Christmas this year!Oldest on top .... of course!Although Craig doesn't seem to mind!Christmas 1985Christmas 1985Christmas 1985Christmas 1985

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