In honor of Chas' birthday, we've put together a few pictures of him over the past 35 years. Happy Birthday Chip!
December 1976:  Charles E. (wonder what it stands for???) Murray was born on a Friday in December, 1976 at 12:50 a.m.  He was 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 1/2 inches long.December 1976: Here's one of our first pictures of Chas -- taken while he and I were still in the hospital.December 1976: Chas on his first Christmas Day, being held by his grandmother -- Meme.  He was only two weeks old and wore a little cowboy outfit -- which we still have!January 1977: Chas and his Aunt Debby -- who loves nothing better than to spoil the children!January 1977:  Welcome to my world.  I probably took this photo at 3:00 in the morning .....  :-)May 1977:  This was one of Chas' favorite past-times -- just hanging around.May 1977:  I had to get a close-up of that face!August 1977: Chas made his first trip to Tennessee to visit with his great grandparents when he was only eight months old.  Here he is with Papaw & Mamaw Maddron.August 1977:  Great grandma, Granny King, couldn't wait to get her hands on this baby either!September 1977:  And speaking of faces, check out this adorable one!September 1977: Only nine months old, and already saying "Cheese" for the camera!October 1977:  Chas at ten months old.October 1977: Caught in the Act, Part I:  I think it was about now that I decided I had trouble -- with a Captial T -- in the house!December 1977:  Chas' first birthday, with just one of the cakes he had to celebrate that momentous occasion!December 1977January 1978: Chas certainly loves his Meme!April 1978:  Chas at Easter 1978 -- seeing how many candy Easter eggs he can cram in his mouth at once!1978: Cheese!  Chas loved that camera!1978: I think I caught Chas just as he went down -- but at least he was still smiling.Another smile for the camera!  (1978)