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Larry's cousin Don, son of Blanche Vourron and Asa Esmond, is the ace photographer of the family -- which is probably why we have all of these great shots of him. I never forget his advice to when I got my first Nikon: "take lots of pictures, and you're bound to come up with a few great ones." Twenty-five years later and I'm definitely still following his advice! (Just ask the family! ha!)
Donald J. Esmond as a child.Don's father, Asa Esmond, worked for the railroad.  He's shown in this picture, standing on the far left.Don EsmondDon EsmondDon EsmondDon EsmondDon, with his grandfather Richard Louis Vourron and mother Blanche (Vourron) EsmondDon and his uncle, George MurrayDon Esmond the photographer!Don and wife Janet (Kulas) EsmondJanet and Don at his 80th birthday luncheon.  Happy Birthday Cousin Don!  (March 2004)Cousin Diane came to visit from California, which gave Don a reason to get some of the cousins together.  Here's the group:  Carole Murray (married to Larry), Dennis Murray, Diane Davis, Larry Murray,The looks on our kid's faces was great to see -- as they watch Cousin Don perform one of his world-famous card tricks!  (December 1984)Another family get-together, this time at the Murray homestead.  Don with his Murray cousins:  Dennis and Larry.  (May 2003)A family get-together at Don and Janet's house.  Don, the photographer, set his camera on a tripod and ran to get into the picture -- which is part of the reason we're all laughing.  It was a sight toAnother cousin get-together, this time at Karen and Dennis' house.  It's always great to see Don and Janet!  (June, 2006)

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