This is a work in progress. As you can see, I've taken a "few" photos of Craig Alan over the years. When I started scanning, I realized just how many I have. Hopefully by the time he turns 40 I'll have them all done. :-)
Craig Alan made his arrival on the Ides of March!Uncle KK looks happy to have another little nephew to play with.Craig's first Easter.  He looks thrilled, don't you think?   :-)It didn't take long for Craigie to start chubbing up!I think Craig had this scared look on his face because Chas was sitting right next to him.  :-)Seven months old and sitting up!Doughnut in hand ..... and diaper on head ......Fresh out of the tubAunt Debby always got the boys the best presents!  This year it was Puppy Puddles!Craig and Freddy the HamsterThe next American Idol???Craig "twiddling" his hair.  :-)Craig, Papaw and Aunt DebbyCraig was always a good sleeper.Craig, all ready to do some exploring in the great outdoors!The boys were so excited when they got their own t.v.!   lol!arrrr matey!  This year Craig was a pirate for Halloween!Wonder if Craig did this to himself .... or if he had help?Sleeping at the table.  We know where Kap gets it from, don't we?On top of the Smokies!