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Here are just a few photos of the wonderful times we shared with Marie over the years. She may be gone, but she is deifnitely not forgotten.
Marie watching Jennifer kick up her heels at Kimberly and Kevin's wedding!  (June 2010)Check out Marie -- carefully trying to balance all those cupcakes -- while Larry isn't even looking her way.  :-)(July 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009Marie was definitely the hostess with the mostess!  (July 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009I caught a shot of these lovely ladies at Larry C.'s retirement party!  (December 2010)We definitely got a lot of laughs out of some of the gifts at Kimberly bachelorette party!  (May 2010)New Year's Eve and Tammy came up with a fun game.  We all stood girl, boy, girl, boy -- then we had to say what we liked about the person next to us -- and then we had to kiss it!  I can't remember whAnother House of Wilhelm Christmas Party.  Think we ladies know how to celebrate the holidays?  Relaxing at a get-away, of course!  (1999)I don't know what year this was, but it was another House of Wilhelm Christmas party -- and Marie received a Grow a Girl.  From Helen -- of course!More cats!P.J. Party!Labor Day at the Willsons -- but who's Marie's friend?!?  :-)(September 2004)Barb and Marie and another Labor Day Wing Ding at the Willsons.  You'll notice Marie always had a smile on her face!  (September 2005)Halloween party at the O'Neills -- and didn't Marie make an adorable bunny?!?(October 1998)The ladies of the House of Wilhelm!  (1998)New Year's Eve 1998 at the Crowleys.  Our usual way to start the New Year.New Year's Eve 1999 -- still at the Crowleys.  :-)Celebrating Marie's 50th birthday.Uh, Marie, I think your cake in on fire!  (May 2000)Does anyone have a fire extinguisher handy?  :-)(May 2000)Just another fun story Marie had to tell about experiences over the years.  :-)(May 2000)Another House of Wilhelm party!  (2000)

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