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We've managed to meet some fellow Smugmuggers -- and here are photos to prove it! :-) If anyone is ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area, e-mail me ( and perhaps we can get together?
Once we learned we were going to be in the Philadelphia area, I contacted Hillary and Leslie and managed to get together with them one afternoon.  They made wonderful tour guides, as you can see fromAnd good sports that they are, Hillary and Leslie posed for this adorable shot.  Can you say daily photo?  :-)(August 15, 2008)Here's a shot of the three of us in lovely Philadelphia!  (August 15, 2008)Kim and I had met very briefly last year, when our car show was rained out.  But this year we had a lovely day -- perfect for taking some photos!  (August 9, 2008)One evening, out at a local car cruise, guess who we ran into?  Another smugmugger -- Michael Rankin!  (August 30, 2008)George lives close to my mother in Tennessee, so when we visited her this year we managed to get together with him.   It was definitely a pleasant way to spend the evening!  (May 14, 2009)Look who else we've met:  Ann, a.k.a. PointandShoot!  (May 31, 2009)When we learned Ann lives in Ohio and we were heading her way one afternoon, we arranged to get together and grab a bite to eat.  It was wonderful to meet Ann -- we have so much in common.  We'll defiWe got together with Ann again this afternoon, for some heron watching.  We saw heron, several other type birds, turtles, dragonflies, water lilies .....  It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!Today we managed to get some of the Ohio Smugmuggers together for a little walking tour in downtown Cleveland, followed by a bite to eat.  The Smuggers who attended were Kris (K Dunlap), Mare (ScarletAlex was passing through our area in his trusty RV and stopped for a quick visit.  First things first -- get out and stretch those legs.  (September 16, 2009)This bridge moved more than we all thought it should ... but we managed to cross it not once, but twice.  (September 16, 2009)Would you want to drink tequilla with these two?  :-)(September 16, 2009)Is anyone surprised by this photo?  :-)(September 16, 2009)Larry and Alex spending the evening with the Captain?  Thanks so much for stopping by Alex -- we'll definitely have to get together again!  (September 16, 2009)And, of course, it was a treat to meet her handsome sons.  Here's Casey heading on to the jungle gym.  (July 27, 2010)After some fun at the park and a wonderful lunch, it was time to say goodbye ..... until next time!  It was great meeting Mary Beth, her friend Krista and all their boys!  (July 27, 2010)And this is Aaron!  (July 27, 2010)Mary Beth at work!  (July 27, 2010)We finally got to meet Mary Beth!  (July 27, 2010)

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