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Time to hit Mapleside Farms Summer Fun Fest!  (June 4, 2011)Meredith is always ready with a smile when she sees me with the camera.  (June 4, 2011)Meredith had ridden this a coupleof times before Maeve got there, but she still waved and waved and waved.  (June 4, 2011)And there they go!  (June 4, 2011)You know we had to do this:  Maeve Appleseed!  (June 4, 2011)And then it was Meredith Appleseed's turn!  (June 4, 2011)This swing was a little tricky .....  :-)(June 4, 2011)There's that smile!  (June 4, 2011)Aren't these the cutest cowpokes you've ever seen?  (June 4, 2011)Contrary to the looks on their faces, Meredith and Maeve loved this ride.  (June 4, 2011)lol!  Is this what Maeve thinks about the cow train?!?  (June 4, 2011)It was a lovely evening, perfect for running around and around and around!  (June 4, 2011)Chas helped Meredith get up on top of that HUGE tractor tire!  (June 4, 2011)awwww, isn't this precious?  (June 4, 2011)Time to feed these two hungry ladies!  (June 4, 2011)muuuuuwaaaaa -- kisses!  (June 4, 2011)And one final -- silly -- shot of the day!  (June 4, 2011)

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