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Bec and Warwick (who is a nephew of our dear friend Judy from Australia) have been backpacking through the U.S. and Canada and were able to stop by in Northeast Ohio for a visit with the Murray family!
Bec and Warwick had just arrived in Ohio that day, and our first stop was the Club.  Chas was working, and we knew we'd find Aunt Debby and Uncle Lenny -- along with Carrie, Mac, Chantal and Keegan --Enjoying a nice, relaxing dinner -- American style -- at the Club.  (September 1, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005The next day found us at a picnic on the shores of Lake Erie.  Since we live so close to the lake, we wanted to show it to Bec and Warwick and thought -- why not make a picnic of it?  (September 2, 20Bec, Warwick, Carole and Larry -- on the shores of Lake Erie.Judy is traveling (we just received a postcard from her from Moscow!) and will be in Ireland next month.  We know what hotels she'll be staBec and Warwick by Lake Erie, in lovely Bay Village, Ohio.  (September 2, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Saturday found us at the next-door neighbors to help Ava celebrate her third birthday.  Bec and Warwick made some fairy bread to take to the party, since it's a must-have at children's parties in AustThis was the Labor Day holiday weekend and Sunday is usually spent out at the Willson's home in Litchfield.  Warwick tried his hand at our currently favorite lawn game:  cornhole.  (September 4, 2005)The century home of the Willsons, where the Labor Day cook-out was held.  (September 4, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Labor Day itself was spent visiting the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Here are Warwick, Bec, MacCaila and "friend" posed on a bench by Monkey Island.  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005After we took that picture, Mac wanted another one of her and Bec -- which we gladly took.  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Warwick checking out how tall MacCaila is -- compared to a baby giraffe.  We learned that a baby giraffe is actually just about Warwick's height!  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005We can't pass this bronze tortoise without Mac having her picture taken, and this time she included Warwick and Bec.  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005The zoo has an Australian outback exhibit -- which we couldn't pass up, having two Aussies in tow.  Unfortunately for Warwick, he found out that these ears really DO magnify sounds -- when Mac yelledOur son Chas works for the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland and took Bec and Warwick on a tour of the brewery while they were in town.  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005And, of course, no tour of a brewery is complete without a little taste-testing!  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Think Warwick can get a job driving the Great Lakes Brewery truck, should he decide to stay here in the States?  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005We tried to show Bec and Warwick some fine dining in scenic Parma, Ohio and so ended up at the Jigsaw Saloon, which is famous for it's chili and burgers!  (September 5, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Since they both have an interest in automobiles, we took Bec and Warwick to the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum for a visit.  (September 7, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Warwick and Larry checking out some of the vintage automobiles at the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum.  (September 7, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Since Bec and Warwick planned on catching an Indians ballgame the next day, we explained to them about our mascot, Chief Wahoo, the original of which is now on display at the Crawford Museum.And, of c

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