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We had an absolutely awesome three days to spend with Lady Kate! And, as you can see, we made the most of it!
Welcome to Cleveland Lady Kate!  (October 3, 2011)First stop:  Great Lakes Brewing Company.  I actually refrained from taking any photos until our delicious dessert of bread pudding was served -- and couldn't resist getting a shot of LK taking photosAnd not just for us -- we even managed to get this lovely lady to join us!  She was having lunch with her son, who was celebrating his birthday.  The birthday boy wanted no part of the boas and tiara,Since we were so close, we decided to take a walk across the street to the West Side Market.  (October 3, 2011)And there's our Lady Kate, camera in hand.  (October 3, 2011)I have been so inspired by our nephew Greg's photos from the West Side Market that I had to try some myself.  This probably looks familiar to those of you who know Greg's work.  (October 3, 2011)As does this shot!  (October 3, 2011)Thought I'd try one in color too.  (October 3, 2011)This balcony is certainly a great vantage point from which to take photos of the market!  (October 3, 2011)Only an hour or two into Lady Kate's three day visit, and we're having loads of fun already!  (October 3, 2011)One more shot of that incredible ceiling!  (October 3, 2011)I got two for the price of one with this shot -- both ladies were taking photos .... and if you think about it, so was I!  (October 3, 2011)If that microphone was just a little bit shorter, I think we would have been entertained by Lady Kate herself!  (October 3, 2011)I LOVE hanging out with my photographer friends, because they always share their knowledge .... and have such great ideas.  Check out this idea that Jill had for a shot of the West Side Market.  DefinSilly Jilly was looking very regal today!  :-)(October 3, 2011)You all knew this was going to happen, didn't you?  Lady Kate visiting means boas and tiaras for everyone!  (October 3, 2011)The Nikon owners were giving me -- a Canon owner -- grief .... all in good fun, of course!  (October 3, 2011)Gasp!  Can that actually be a pink flamingo in the West Side Market?!?  (October 3, 2011)The history of this building is amazing, so indulge me while I take a few more shots.  (October 3, 2011)Uh oh, Lady Kate and Jilly look like they've found something interesting.  Of course, these two are easily distracted by shiny things.  :-)(October 3, 2011)

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