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Larry definitely surprised me, by planning a big birthday bash for my 50th birthday!
Talk about a surprise!?!  Try walking into a room with 50 of your family and friends waiting to help you celebrate your birthday!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Larry started planning this bash about two months ago and, along with help from Deb and Diana, ended up throwing a fabulous party!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007If I would have known the big guy was this resourceful at party planning, I would have had him helping more over the past 25 years!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Of course, with Chas manning the camera, we expect a lot of his signature shot (a.k.a. the close-up!).  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007And as if the party weren't enough of a surprise, look who came all the way from Tennessee to attend:  Mom and Adolph!  Talk about a surprise!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Chas getting his Uncle Kevin to flash a sign!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Now this is an adorable close-up!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Lauren got bashful once the camera was aimed at her!  (December 22, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007All the little ones were on hand for the big birthday bash!  (December 22, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007Michael doesn't have a problem posing for the camera!  (December 22, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007Everyone Larry invited came, so the party room was definitely full!  (December 22, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007We wanted a nice shot of Lenny with Tiffany, Zaid and Isaac -- and a little MacCaila thrown in for good measure!  (December 22, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007Meme couldn't wait to get her hands on Colin.  She says she came to town for my birthday, but I can't help but wonder if it was really to see all the new babies in the family!  ;-)(December 22, 2007)©Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.  And, no, there weren't 50 of them on the cake.  As you can see, I needed help blowing out the five that were on there!  (December 22, 2007)© ChasLauren gave me a big Happy Birthday hug after everyone finished singing!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Chas took this adorable shot of Cindy and Mike.  Of course, when you're this cute, it's hard to take a bad picture, right?  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007When it was time to open the gifts, I had plenty of help!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007Chas quickly grew bored with birthday photos, and scouted the room for some more close-ups!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007This looks like the fun table!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007As if coming all the way to Cleveland for my birthday wasn't gift enough, Mom also gave me one of her old rings.  Talk about an extra special present!  (December 22, 2007)© Chas Murray 2007

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