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These are photos of the Louis (Richard) Clovis Vourron / Amanda Alice Shirk family of Stark and Cuyahoga Counies, Ohio, who were Larry's grandparents.

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Here's a link to our genealogy of the Vourron family on Rootsweb:


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We have a family album with more recent photos of the Vourron grandchildren, their families -- along with some current Shirk cousin photos! Since we do announce births, weddings, etc., this album is private. Any family members can e-mail us for the password, at irishmurr57@gmail.com. Keep those photographs coming!

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We have started adding watermarks to our photos, since they are being displayed on the internet. If anyone would like a clean copy of a photo or document, without the watermark, e-mail us and we'll be glad to send you one.
Emile Rebillot 1836 1884 Stark County OhioApoline Gaume Rebillot 1838 1884 Emile Stark County OhioAlbert J. Amelia Momey Rebillot Wedding Portrait Stark County OhioAlbert Amelia Momey Rebillot Family Portrait Stark County OhioSchurch (Shirk) Family CrestUlrich Shirk (1704 - 1763) Last Will and TestamentUlrich Shirk (1704 - 1763) Last Will and Testament, page twoUlrich Shirk I (1663 - 1739)Ulrich Shirk I (1663 - 1739)Ulrich Shirk II (1704 - 1763)Ulrich Shirk II (1704 - 1763)Samuel E. Shirk (August 29, 1785 - March 30, 1864)Samuel Shirk (1824 - 1903) and Catherine Klingaman Shirk (1831 - 1913)Samuel Shirk (1824 - 1903), Catherine Klingaman Shirk (1831 - 1913), and their daughter Mary Shirk (1870 - 1941) at their home in North Manchester, Indiana.Henry Yocum Shirk (1832 - 1918)Daniel Y. Shirk (1830 - 1911)Daniel Y. Shirk (1830 - 1911)Daniel Y. Shirk (1830 - 1911)Jacob K. Shirk (1852 - 1881)We were in Indiana for a car show, which is why we happened to be driving our 1957 Cadillac.  Jacob Shirk's grave is located in the old section of the cemetery, just a couple of rows from this canon.

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