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Livy Lu celebrated her third birthday -- and plenty of family and friends were on hand to help!
Happy Birthday Olivia!  Time to celebrate your third birthday!Livy Lu was a little clingy today -- but we all knew that wouldn't last long.Grandpa and Big Lar always have plenty to talk about.  :-)Livy Lu -- still hanging on to Mom.  :-)Ashley kept getting up as close as she could to my camera -- and so, of course, I snapped a shot!Isabella was clingy too -- except she was clinging to Ava!Yay!  Olivia and Isabella were having a grand old time!Maeve was having an electrifying experience!Caught Ashley again -- this time in the club house.Riley was in there, too, ready to serve up some delicious treats!It warmed up, and the sun came out -- but at least it wasn't raining!Another quick snap of Ashley -- this time with a chubby hand coming her way.Another group shot of the birthday celebration!Everyone was chasing the shade today.Maeve graduated up to the real seat on the tricycle.  I say that because the last time she rode this, she was sitting on the little step behind the seat.  :-)Ava was the official wagon puller today!Riley coming down the slide!And then it was Olivia's turn!Followed by Isabella!I think it's safe to assume all the kids were having a great time today!Bouncy Bouncy!

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