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We couldn't bring Malachy home from the animal shelter right away because he had a respiratory infection and needed to stay there a few days, so as not to infect Murray. We went to visit Malachy every day at the shelter, however, and guess who was in the cage next door: Blackjack Murray (a.k.a. Jack, Jack the Fighting Cat). Larry fell in love with Jack, so Carole called the shelter and asked if we could adopt them both. And that's exactly what happened!
Jack thinks this Easter basket is for him!  (March 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Packing for vacation and look who we found in one of the bags -- all ready to make the trip with us?  Jack! (September, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005© Carolyn S. Murray 2006We keep a sheet on the bed in the guest room because Jack likes to sleep in there and it's easier to wash a sheet than a comforter, pillows, shams, etc.  Well, Jack prefers sleeping directly on the piJack trying to catch a breeze from the ceiling fan in the heat of summer.  (August 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006It's definitely not easy getting a decent shot of a solid black cat.  (August 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Think Jack put on a few pounds over the holidays?  (December 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Caught in the act!  (November 27, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007Jack helping me put lights on a wreath for outside.Thanks for all your help Jack!  (November 29, 2007)© Carolyn S. Murray 2007"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille...."  :-)I have a backdrop and lights set up to take a portrait of Maeve, when Jack decided he'd like in the shot.  (January 2009)© Carolyn S. Murray 2009My first shot of Jack of the new year.  (January 2, 2010)© Carolyn S. Murray 2010Jack enjoys looking out the window -- especially when it's so cold outside.  (January 5, 2010)© Carolyn S. Murray 2010Jack Jack The Fighting Cat.  (January 25, 2010)© Carolyn S. Murray 2010As you can see, Jack has a rough life.  :-)(January 25, 2010)© Carolyn S. Murray 2010

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