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Murray is the second cat we owned, after Sylvester. He turned 17 on July 2, 2006. His mother was a calico and he was the only orange kitten in the litter. (All the others were black and white.) Since we already had a black cat at home (Sylvester), we chose Murray. He died in October, 2006, having spent most of his lifetime with us. He is missed.
Think Murray is trying to make a call?  (August 13, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005MacCaila, watching Hilary Duff and dancing with our 16 year old cat, Murray.  This is what you see when you have a 4 year old around the house!  (December 1, 2005)© Carolyn S. Murray 2005Poor Murray -- suffering the indignity of having to wear a crown!MacCaila had this crown and decided Murray would look good wearing it (does that make him King Murray?) and he actually sat there whileThere's nothing like a Sunday morning at Daideo and Maimeo's house -- with a cat and a blankee to keep warm.  (March 5, 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Now that this year's St. Patrick's Day outfit is finished, it's time for a few nice photos.  Mac wanted the first one taken with Murray -- our poor, 16 year old cat.  Smile for the camera Moo Moo!  (MHappy Birthday Murray!  Our oldest cat, Murray, turned 17 today, and MacCaila was happy to help the poor old guy celebrate.  (July 2, 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Murray's Mom -- just days before giving birth to Murray and his siblings.  (June 1989)© Carolyn S. Murray 1989One of our first pictures of Murray.  (July 1989)© Carolyn S. Murray 1989Murray settling in to his new home.  (August 1989)© Carolyn S. Murray 1989We also brought Murray's sister (Samantha) home with us -- to give to one of Carole's bosses.  Having two kittens in the house was certainly entertaining!  (August 1989)© Carolyn S. Murray 1989Murray after his usual Saturday morning vacuuming.  Yes, he LIKES to be vacuumed!  (September 2006)© Carolyn S. Murray 2006

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