Carole King Murray Photography | Ashley's Birthday (January 2012)
Created 1-Sep-12
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It all started eleven years ago, with the arrival of Ashley Victoria!It wasn't long before Ashley was coming next door to hang out at the Murrays.   :-)Fast forward a "few" years -- and it's time to celebrate Ashley's birthday.  Isabella and Maeve look like they're having fun playing with Ashley and Ava's toys.I think Ashley and Maeve were entertaining the group here?!?   :-)Olivia, Isabella and Ava were movin' and groovin' too.  Am I showing my age?  "Groovin"????  lol!Kids and their electronics .... oh yeah, I'm definitely showing my age .....The birthday girl was having fun!Ashley had four of her friends come to the big birthday bash!I think they were actually shooting video of the birthday fun.And here's her yummy cake!Who put Max in charge of lighting the candle?And there she blows!Love the look of concern on everyone's faces!This is the very cool candle that Ashley's grandma brought!And then it opened to create a gorgeous flower!Good thinking -- videotape, in case there's an explosion!   :-)Notice everyone is backing up?Ashley knows our Maeve likes the frosting -- and made sure little fingers weren't getting in her cake before it was cut.Time for some cake, right ladies?Checking out the video of that cool candle.

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