Carole King Murray Photography | Adolph Hoffman
My stepdad, Adolph Hoffman, is certainly a Dad to me! And here are some photos of that wonderful father, from over the years.
Here's one of our earliest photos of Adolph as a young boy.Adolph is the lad on the left!Adolph in a studio portrait.Vintage Cleveland Photograph, 1945, Cleveland Ohio boys playing baseball, West 105 street and dale avenue,And here, Adolph is the one on the right.Adolph is the little boy in the middle -- surrounded by all those lovely ladies!Here's another photo of Adolph as a young child.  It looks like it was taken at the same time as the prior one.Adolph is on the left and the little girl is???Adolph Hoffman -- the teen years.Adolph with his wonderful mother, Lotte -- or as she was known to all of us -- Grandma!Adolph and Amma, on Easter Day, 1984 with Craigie and Chas.  (Easter 1984)© Carolyn S. Murray 1984Adolph was always a city boy, but didn't hesitate to take his precious wife "back home" to Tennessee after his retirement.  Now he's just one of the good old boys!Here's a nice shot of Adolph, Amma anWhen it was time to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, all the family gathered together -- along with lots of friends -- for a big celebration!  (June 1999)Adolph feeding grandson Craigie a bottle.Cute Adolph and Craig story:  every day when his Popaw would get home from work, Craigie would be waiting to take his lunch bucket from him -- which he would tWhat a grandpa!  Who else would sit still while the kids dress you up in a silly hat and glasses -- and then pose for a picture?  (March 1981)Happy 60th Birthday!  (August 1991)Adolph loves feeding the birds AND lighthouses -- so when we saw this lighthouse birdfeeder at a craft show, we knew we had to get it for him!  (May 2005)One year, instead of going to visit them in Tennessee, we met Adolph and Mom in Williamsburg and spent a great week together with them there.Here's a shot of Adolph on the ferry "Williamsburg."  (MayWe go to visit every year -- sometimes in the spring and sometimes in the fall.  This time, Mom had come up with the wonderful idea of building an outhouse in their yard, and we were happy to help.  (