Carole King Murray Photography | Flamingo Fever 2014
The flock arrived back in Parma! We had lots of creative submissions to this year's Flamingo Fever. The flamingos were then placed at various places throughout the city and made their way back to St. Charles Parish Hall for a banquet and auction. Bidding was fast and furious at the auction, which Polish Village appreciates since the proceeds benefit the neighborhood and are earmarked to create a pocket park on Ridge Road for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

Many thanks to all of those who helped make this event a huge success! Starting with our artists, who created the flamingos, the businesses who displayed them, the Polish Village group who did all the hard working making this event possible, the people who donated prizes, as well as everyone who attended the banquet and spent the evening bidding on our flamingos!

Plan on joining us next year for Flamingo Fever 2015!

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