Carole King Murray Photography | Ashley's Birthday Party (January 2011)
Created 1-Sep-12
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Ashley is in double digits -- turning 10 years old!
Time to wish Ashley a very Happy Birthday!And, of course, there was plenty of cake!Ava was looking deep in thought.And, of course, there were plenty of gifts!The crowd anxiously waited to see all those gifts.I had to get a shot of the whole group, so here's one half of the room......... and the other half!I think Ashley was very happy with all her presents!Uh oh, Uncle Bruce got Isabella!While Olivia stayed safe on Mom's lap.Maeve was happy in the "art section" of the room.Ashley was looking very stylish while opening gifts.And then it was time to DANCE!Max definitely looks like he's done this before???Although Ashley was pretty good and beat Dad every time.Shake, shake, shake ....:-)The looks on the face of everyone watching were priceless too.  :-)And then it was John's turn to dance with the birthday girl!Ava can't even watch?  :-)

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