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Here are some pictures from Liam's 6th birthday party!
What a beautiful day for a party!  The kids were all able to get outside and play -- or relax like Ronan here.  (March 25, 2007)This was one of the first days we've been able to get outside, and so we all certainly took advantage of it!  (March 25, 2007)The adults were even enjoying the beautiful weather deckside!  (March 25, 2007)Larry C. and Mary's brothers Mike and Pat.  We were all in Mary and Tom's wedding -- almost 20 years ago -- but haven't changed a bit!  ;)(March 25, 2007)Children playing tag on a wonderful spring day!  (March 25, 2007)The girls' base of operation was obviously the swing.  (March 25, 2007)Liam, the birthday boy, opening his gifts!  (March 25, 2007)Everyone anxiously waiting to see what Liam got!  (March 25, 2007)Okay, let's open another one!  (March 25, 2007)Girls at one end of the table -- boys at the other.  (March 25, 2007)The adults, sitting at the adult table, watching Liam open his presents.  (March 25, 2007)Liam was definitely happy with all his gifts!  (March 25, 2007)Michael making a face while Jessie takes a picture of him!  (March 25, 2007)And now it's time to sing Happy Birthday to Liam!  (March 25, 2007)Make a wish and blow out all the candles!  (March 25, 2007)Happy Birthday Liam!  Liam is turning 6 years old and here are some shots from his fun birthday party.  (March 25, 2007)The kids seemed to enjoy sitting ON the house, instead of playing in it!  (March 25, 2007)Here's a cute shot of all 7 of the kids who attended Liam's birthday party!  (March 25, 2007)It's all fun and games, until somebody puts an eye out!  (March 25, 2007)Liam and MacCaila's turn to sit on top of the playhouse!  (March 25, 2007)

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