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We got together today with other Ohio Smugmuggers in downtown Cleveland! It was nice to meet some of the smuggies we'd never met, and meet up again with others that we already knew. We definitely had a wonderful time and hope everyone else did too! All photos in this gallery are © Carolyn S. Murray 2009
We met in the portico of the Terminal Tower.  You've gotta love that ceiling!Underneath the Terminal Tower is a shopping area called Tower City Center, but since it was a nice day we decided to head outside instead for a little walk around the city.We found this group performing on Public Square.You knew I was going to share our fellow Smugmuggers at work, right?  :-)Here's Kim, a.k.a. Mom4squirrelsIt was really neat to watch these kids performing.I get a headache just thinking about doing this manuever!Kim, Mare, Jilly and Kris -- all with cameras ready!I definitely want to see the shot Mare got here!Here's Kris (KDunlap) getting a shot.Time for a group shot!  We had Kris (KDunlap), Mare (Scarlet Iris), Jilly (JSpecht), Kim (Mom4squirrels), John (jprphotos) and his wife Nancy, Ann (Pointandshoot) and her hubby Bob joining Photo AssisThe cameras were definitely snapping today!I don't think I want to see the shot Kris got here!  The further away you get from me with the camera, the better I look.   :-)I thought this little fellow would get the pigeons to take off, but they were happy just to hang around -- looking for crumbs, I'm sure.This is the Old Stone Church -- where Larry and I got married 25 years ago.  Well, it'll be 25 years on August 4.We definitely had a lot of fun with the statue of Tom Johnson on Public Square.  Here are John and Nancy with Mayor Johnson.Jilly had fun with the Mayor, too!We decided his lap was not an easy place to perch, so Kim decided to stand next to him.Nope, she's going to give it a try -- while Jilly captures the moment!This is the steeple of the Old Stone Church, which was replaced after the original one was struck by lightning.P. A. Larry wanted no part of all this tomfoolery.  :-)

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