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We had to head out to Ashtabula to pick up a gift basket which we had won.  Our first stop was Jefferson, where the Ashtabula Courthouse can be found.  (April 17, 2012)In front of the courthouse stands a statue of Owen Brown, son of John Brown.  He, among others, led the raid on Harper's Ferry in 1859.  (April 17, 2012)The Ashtabula County Courthouse was built in 1850.  (April 17, 2012)In the Ashtabula County Courthouse Group is a lovely selection of row houses known as Lawyers Row.  (April 17, 2012)The courthouse was designed by architect Willis Smith from Kinsman.  (April 17, 2012)The courthouse is located at the corner of North Chestnut and West Jefferson Streets and was completed in 1850. The building was built on the framework of an earlier courthouse from 1836 which was desThis is row house No. 6 in Lawyers Row.  (April 17, 2012)Another view of the row houses known as Lawyers Row in Jefferson, Ohio.  (April 17, 2012)Lawyers Row in Jefferson, Ohio.  (April 17, 2012)After leaving Jefferson, we headed into Ashtabula and had a delicious lunch at Lakeway Restaurant.  (April 17, 2012)We drove through the historic district of Ashtabula.  (April 17, 2012)I actually caught this one, mid-step.  (April 17, 2012)(April 17, 2012)The Ashtabula Lift Bridge (also known as the Fifth Street bridge) is a Strauss bascule bridge which was built in 1925.  It's one of only two that remain in service in the State of Ohio.  (April 17, 20This is the Ashtabula Harbour Commerical Historic District.  (April 17, 2012)We heard we might be able to get a decent shot of the Ashtabula lighthouse from Lake Shore Park, so that's where we headed.  (April 17, 2012)There was a nice gaggle of geese at the park.  (April 17, 2012).... waddle, waddle, waddle ....   :-)(April 17, 2012)And there's the Ashtabula lighthouse!  (April 17, 2012)(April 17, 2012)

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