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Welcome to this pictorial tour of some of the stunning churches which can be found in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Zion United Church of Christ in Tremont was originally called the German Evangelical Protestant Church.  The steeple is 175 feet high and can be seen from miles around.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006This is St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church.  The structure was originally home to the Lincoln Park Methodist Church and was built in 1892.  The St. George congregation added the small onion-shapedThe front door and windows of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The congregation of the Zion United Church of Christ moved to this location in 1885.  Until 1916, services at this church were held exclusively in German.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ has turrets and a 150 foot tower.  It was built in 1894 for a congregation which began in 1859, comprised of 34 members of different Christian backgrThe exterior of the Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ is made of Michigan red sandstone and the entry of fine-grained quartz.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006El Calvario Church is the former Emmanuel Evangelical Church.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006This structure was built in 1908 and has many beautiful stained glass windows.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006This is the rectory of St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The church was originally occupied by the congregation of the Pilgrim Congregational Church.  This red brick building was built between 1865 and 1870 and is a wonderful example of Victorian architectuSt. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1911 and is the oldest Orthodox church in Cleveland.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Aside from it's beautiful Russian orthodox architecture, the cathedral is also known because it was used during the filming of "The Deer Hunter" in 1977.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The onion domes of St. Theodotius are well recognized in the area and can be seen throughout Tremont, as well as Cleveland's west side.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006St. John Cantius Catholic Church was built by a parish established in 1898 and which had grown to 400 families by 1900.  This structure was built in 1925.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006This is the stairway of St. John Cantius.  This massive Romanesque church features mass in English, Spanish and Polish -- and a bowling alley in the basement.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006There are four impressive statues lining the doorway leading into St. John Cantius.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The school next door to St. John Cantius Church is likewise impressive.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church is a Romanesque stone church.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006This is doorway of Our Lady of Mercy.  The building was dedicated on October 23, 1949.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006The steeple of Our Lady of Mercy.© Carolyn S. Murray 2006

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