Carole King Murray Photography | Debby's Birthday (October 2010)
Created 1-Sep-12
15 photos

Debby got flowers for her birthday!Everyone was ready to PAR-TAY!  :-)Maeve was trying to blow her party favor out at Aunt Debby, except it had a hole in it.Aunt Debby covered the hole -- and it worked!Think Maeve likes cupcakes?Time for some photos of the birthday girls!Maeve doesn't like looking at the camera, so Aunt Debby helped.  :-)And then things got silly -- like they usually do around here.Lucky for us, this is a private album!Cherry Almond Cheesecake -- yum yum!Maeve is probably wondering if Aunt Debby is going to share.Looks like this one might have been silly!Time to open the cards!I had to get a shot of my burning bush to show to Mom, since she gave me a twig from hers -- and now look at it!Maeve was all sugared up, so she kept us all on our toes.  Happy Birthday Deb!

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