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December 19 -- everyone got together to celebrate Emily's birthday
And speaking of Murray boys, check out this handsome group!Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday Dear EmilyHappy Birthday to You!Time to blow out the candle!Emily looked a little concerned about Mom wielding that knife!  :-)LOL!  I loved this shot!Like I said, there were so many laughs this evening.Happy Birthday Emily -- and Congrats to the Lovely Couple!There was quite a crowd on hand to help Emily and Gregory celebrate!And we even had live entertainment!No serious conversations allowed -- it's a celebration!Chas and Greg cuddling.  :-)Here's a nice shot of the Murray cousins.Karen and Sarah, both looking lovely as ever.I was trying to a cute shot of Greg and the ladies .... but looks like Chas had other ideas.  :-)Let's try it again .... minus Chas.I even got in a shot!I hope someone was watching to make sure Larry didn't walk off with the North Pole sign.Chas entertaining the crowd.There were definitely some funny things on the phones this evening!It was one of those nights were I laughed so much, my cheeks hurt.Greg and Emily -- our newly engaged couple.

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