Carole King Murray Photography | Chas' Birthday (December 2010)
Created 1-Sep-12
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We all got together at BW3 to help Chas celebrate his 34th birthday!And, as usual, the birthday boy was in rare form.  :-)Let's hope his Dad doesn't turn around and punch Chas .... it is his birthday, after all.  :-)Maevy Gravy was having fun at Dad's birthday celebration!Is she playing "Where's Maeve Margaret?"  Or trying to get every crumb?I think it was that she was trying to get every crumb.  :-)Chas looked like he was enjoying his birthday dinner too!Maeve preferred to sit in this chair.Actually, she wanted her very own table.  :-)"hmmmm, wonder where my waitress is?"zzzzzzz, time to take a little nap .....I think Maeve was flirting with Brian!  :-)Maeve close-up!And here's the gang at Chas' b-day celebration!awwwww, I think Gravy was flirting!  :-)And there she goes!Upside down Maeve!Time to take a break?Maeve wanted to take a photo of her Mom -- and here it is!Maevy has learned at a very early age that it's never too soon to start moisturizing!  :-)

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